24 October 2010

They Might Be Giants - Here Comes Science

I am not musically trained but I did find a CD that I would like to comment on. They Might Be Giants (tmbg) is a band that does some creative no conventional music. I have enjoyed their previous albums but this is the first educational one that I have listened to (they have done 3 previous ones).

This is "Here Comes Science". It is a combination of CD and DVD. I have not watched the DVD but the CD is very cleaver. With songs like "I am a Paleontologist", "Roy G. Biv", and "Solid Liquid Gas" they are covering physics, scientific theory, biology, and other branches of science.

The songs are short enough for children and the music is catchy. The lyrics are easy to sing along with. I think that children from 3 to 10 would enjoy this.

As a devout Christian I do need to let you know that there are two songs that each person needs to decide for themselves if it is right for their children. The songs are "Science is Real" and "My Bother the Ape" The first talks about the Big Bang being real and the second refers to the relation between animals in the animal kingdom. I personally did not find it to be offensive and would use them as a teaching opportunity about science and religion. (that I will save for another posting).

I also really appreciated that they did a pair of songs that help stimulate conversation about how science has changed as new things are learned. "Why Does the Sun Shine?" and "Why does the Sun Really Shine?". These songs indicate that we had one theory and fact to support it but as more study reveiled new facts the theory changed.

I would recommend this CD for anyone who wants to share some fun songs about science.