18 October 2009

Kids' Science Challenge

I wanted to let everyone know who has a child in 3rd to 6th grade that there is a science contest for them. This is the "Kids' Science Challenge" sponsored by Pulse of the Planet. (I have not checked out the Pulse of the Planet website so I do not have any recommendations about it at this time).

I have checked out the challenge and feel it is a great opportunity to let your kids be creative and explore the ideas they have. There are 3 catagories:
* Sports on Mars
* Detective Science
* Bio-Inspired Design

There are scientist to help them online and lots of fun information even if they do not want to submit an entry.

Please let me know of any entries that are submitted. I also would be willing to answer questions your kids may have. Remember that parents must actually sign your kids up in order to submit their entries.

I have placed the link on the side of this site and in this posting.

Good luck to all of you!!